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Who stole the leg room?

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Would like to upgrade from a 94 Cherokee to 2000 vintage mid-jeep. Tried to test drive a 2000 "Sport", there is more leg room on my lawn tractor then this jeep ! I could of used my knees to operate the turn signals.

My 94 as more than ample leg room for my 6'4" self.

Does anyone know when the jeep mid-size models lost the leg room, and do any of the later models 99-2001(classic, limited,etc.) offer more leg room.

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Or ride with the back hatch open and the legs danglin' out! I rode in the back of my 2000 last weekend and I didn't think I'd be able to walk right again after being stuffed back there. The only one who ever rides back there and doesn't complain is my dog!
We originally bought ours as the kid hauler. She started talking the dreaded mini van line but I found the cherokee and talked her into that instead. It was fine when we had just the one kid and he sat in the middle in his car seat. Then number two came. Two car seats in the back don't work good unless the front seats are slid up so we made a deal. I'd trade in my HD extended cab for a new crew cab HD with auto for her(she hated my manual) and I got the jeep. I still think I came out on top with that one. I got to start modifying the jeep for playing while still getting a good dd. Plus I still had my, oops I guess her, truck to do the trailer pulling and toy hauling on the weekends.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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