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Who stole the leg room?

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Would like to upgrade from a 94 Cherokee to 2000 vintage mid-jeep. Tried to test drive a 2000 "Sport", there is more leg room on my lawn tractor then this jeep ! I could of used my knees to operate the turn signals.

My 94 as more than ample leg room for my 6'4" self.

Does anyone know when the jeep mid-size models lost the leg room, and do any of the later models 99-2001(classic, limited,etc.) offer more leg room.

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I've had the same problem. I wanted something a bit newer than the 89 Wagoneer Limited with 190K miles. I origionally looked at the newer XJs, but the size is to small. Then I looked at the KJ and ZJ. To me the KZ is the most uncomfortable seating position since the CJ. The seat is perpendicular to the peddels. My gas leg started hurting from trying to keep my toes high enough to run the throttle. I haven't had this problem since I got rid of my last CJ 5. I just don't think I should have to set my right foot on top of my left just so I can stand to drive it. The ride is harsh and the interior is small. Besides the demand keeps the used prices high yet the quality is questionable. I really liked the ZJ. Ride is great, and you could still get the 4.0L until recently. But after rationalizing the space of 2 kids, 1 dog, 1 wife, and 1 stroller. There is no space for anything else. It's sucks that when my parents stop by we still have to take 2 Jeeps to just go out to eat. By mistake while looking at a GC at a dealer he suggested a Durango. Never looked at one before. 3 seats. Holds 6 plus normal people. I'm 6-2 and 275 lbs and sit in the middle seat just fine when the wife is driving. Try that in a XJ. Finally something that fits enough people to do some good. I researched the Durango and other than being a piece of crap people say they ride great and look good. After a couple more months of looking I finally found a 99 Durango with 100K miles and bought it. Put 3K on it the first month. Its been a great vehicle so far. My dad is now looking to buy a new Jeep and is considering a Durango. He keeps saying "HEMI". He's saying the same thing, "Jeep to small". He's got his 3rd XJ, It's showing the change of the times. When the XJ was new it was the larger of the new small utility vehicles. Now it's the smallest in it's class. Jeep/DC needs to get a vehicle out soon, or they will continue to loose sales to other makes. My dad hasn't owned another make since '73 when he bought his first Wagoneer.
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