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Who makes the best SYE and where to get it cheapest?

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Well, even though I've decided not to install the Revolvers, I do still want to do a SYE for reliability reasons (I keep breaking the |>@|\/||\| rear driveshaft!) Who is it that makes the kit with the stronger output shaft? I found one through Quadratec with the 54% stronger shaft for $340, does anyplace have it cheaper? I hear the R.E. kit leaks too much, and thats bad for going underwater with....

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I used a Currie on my 89 YJ, it is a high quality complete kit, i think it was $449 -$200 shaft core return = $249. Without the drive shaft. The best looking engineered kit I have seen is Tera Flex's kit, comes with a new heavier output shaft housing. I think its about $450(no core return though) because they manufacture there own shafts.

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