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Lots of folks. Here are two possibilities (you didn't say if you wanted A/T or M/T, so:

The second one (the STT) is going for $122 each mounted & balanced at my local tire shop in 32X11.50. The LT is a bit cheaper.


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BFG makes a very good 32x11.50 in mud terrain style, but you say you have 2 and want to match them! Remember different manufactures tire sizes, although stating the same as each other are in fact different diameters. a 32 from say BFG and Cooper will be close but not the same. Goodyear and Interco or Mickey Thompson will also be different for the same rated sizes. The best bet would be to get MATCHED brand and sized tires. But hey,,, even a new tire with slightly used tires of same brand and size will vary.


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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