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Re: Who has best 2.5\" springs for the money?

I put a set of rancho 2.5" springs and rs 9000 shocks on our 83 Cj-7, and it rides better than stock and articulates awesome. Several people who have rode in it commented on it. I put swaybar disconnects on it and it will stuff the front tire so far in the wheel well it begins to bend the front fender, so now I just leave them connected. This is with 32" BFG MT's, I'd bet 33"'s would rub, especially in the front. The weight of a warn 8000 has caused the front to sag a little after 2 1/2 years, but this could be corrected under warranty.

89 XJ, 83 CJ-7, 79 Blazer, 67 CJ-5
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