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The problem lies in with the Yahoos and other neglegent people. I am sure we all know of the Yahoos of which I am refering too.

Anyway folks, we are on the losing side of the land battle. We are made to look like we change our oil in the woods, drain out coolant in lakes, take our trash out the trail entrances and dump our batteries wherever we damn well please. In other words, we are not supposed to give a damn about the ecology of out communities. Frankly, I know that is not the case. I often see my offroad Bretheren picking up trash and hauling it off on their own accord. The problem is, people don't see the trash that has been picked up, they see the stuff already there.

I guess what we need to do in order to give us a better and more nature friendly idea is to go out with friends and pick up some trash. Take along a camera and write a story about it. Send it off to the editor of the local paper and see what happens.

The Off Roading community needs to come together and recreate our image before it is recreated for us.

These are just my thoughts.

Hi Yoter,
I'm somewhat new to the forum and 4 wheeling although I have gone out with my buddy who's '83 Toyota SR 5 4x4 I'll be picking up shortly. We are both backpackers and have cleaned up others trash too so I know what you mean. In fact this gremlin reminds me of a time when I had a group of Boy Scouts I took on a pack trip into the back country and there about 70' from a beautiful little lake was all kinds of trash and someone happened to come through and said that the had just been there. You would believe all the liquor bottles and bear cans they left behind. We always observed a rule on the trail, "Pack it In - Pack it Out! also Tread lightly is important too!

As a professional photographer here is what I would suggest
and you've got the right idea! What I would do especially if shooting Digital as I am, when you came upon trash on the trail or road, take a picture or two of it just as you found it without any of the trucks visable, then pull a truck or two into the scene and get another shot showing the trash and something distinctive about one or two of the trucks along with the trash and then another shot or two showing the trash being removed, acvtually being baged in one of the trucks and then a shot of the area clean. This would give you a good record of before and after shots showing the enviromental mindedness of the 4x4 members. It would also be important to note date and location where trash was located & shots were taken.

Not only could you send the images into the news paper but also post them on this site as a record for anyone else to review and as a record of the groups consern with the enviroment. As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

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