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Which Wrangler Spring Kit ??

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I'm debating on which kit to look into. I'm thinking of running wrangler springs. Which kit have you guys used?? Which company do you recommend ?? Are they set with the shackles in the stock location, or do they make it with reverse in the front ?? From what I understand, in SPRO with stock wrang. springs it gives you 6.5" of lift ?? So what ever lift spring you get adds to that 6.5". Anyway let me know how yours are working. Thanks alot....
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Thanks for all the replys. I think Im with you guys regarding keep the shackles in there stock location. Now I like Trail Toughs set-up as well....but what about approach angles...were they affected much over stock ?? From what I understand front and rear wrangler springs are the same as far as length and positiong of pin, is that true ?? The rear has more leafs. I'm going to be running a 4.3 engine, that obviously heavier, what should I run as far as the leafs ??? Thanks for all the help.
Thank you Zuk88 for all that detailed info !!! I really appreciate it. I'm saving all this info, so when I'm ready I can refer to all this!!! Thanks buddy !!!
Thank you too as well for the valuable info!!! I will keep all this is mind when it comes time to build...You guys have a good one !!!
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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