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Which Wrangler Spring Kit ??

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I'm debating on which kit to look into. I'm thinking of running wrangler springs. Which kit have you guys used?? Which company do you recommend ?? Are they set with the shackles in the stock location, or do they make it with reverse in the front ?? From what I understand, in SPRO with stock wrang. springs it gives you 6.5" of lift ?? So what ever lift spring you get adds to that 6.5". Anyway let me know how yours are working. Thanks alot....
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OK, I can't comment on the TT kit but I do know first hand what the AAPA SR kit is like.

I used it with toy axles which complicates the install somewhat. If you are sticking with the zuk axles it will be easier.

As others have mentioned, the SR kit needs the front axle moved forward because under compression the axle wants to go back towards the firewall. The AAPA front kit is basically a weld-on frame extension with new spring hanger holes. Compared to the old shackle hanger location, the new spring holes are 7" forward. This moves your axle forward and lengthens your wheelbase as well. I'm running 35" tires so I re-drilled the axle perches to move them another 1.5" forward. This is enough to keep 35s off the firewall. If you have even larger tires just keep moving the axle forward as needed. Of course, you will need a new front driveshaft or lengthen your old one.

The SR setup definately requires more work to get it working properly. If you just want bolt on simplicity go for the TT kit.

You can find a lot of info on the SR setup on the pirate 4x4 forum for zuks. Tons of tech info from extreme wheelers. You have to deal with their 'attitude' which many are offended by but they have figured out what works best.

Good luck and enjoy the process,

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