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Which Wrangler Spring Kit ??

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I'm debating on which kit to look into. I'm thinking of running wrangler springs. Which kit have you guys used?? Which company do you recommend ?? Are they set with the shackles in the stock location, or do they make it with reverse in the front ?? From what I understand, in SPRO with stock wrang. springs it gives you 6.5" of lift ?? So what ever lift spring you get adds to that 6.5". Anyway let me know how yours are working. Thanks alot....
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I wont run a shackle reversal on any of my jeeps or zuks again . The way the tire stuffs to the firewall limits the tire size you can run . And the on road manners really didnt improve dramatically enough to justify the loss of orr roadability . Like it was siad above not rying to start a flame war , I am just stating my experience with the S/R setups .
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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