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Which transfercase should I use....

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Currently, I have a 82 CJ8 running a 229 (3.8L) Chevy V6, SR-4 with a Dana 300 transfercase.

But, future mods include adding twin turbos, a SM420 and rebuilding the motor to produce around 400 HP. Should I:

A) Ditch the D300 and get a NP205
B) Keep the D300 and put a 4:1 gear set in it and trust an adapter

Let me know.....

P.S. Yes, the axles will be changed, to what, who knows.......

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I think from the $$ and strength end, the NP205 would be the way to go. The down side is the low range of 2:1, which stinks compared to the 2.6:1 of the stock D300 and the potential 4:1...

Is crawl ratio important to you? Is the budget REALLY tight? You might consider looking at an ATLAS II... Good choices for low range, and should be plenty strong. It might still require an adapter though... just another thought.

Jim O'Brien
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Two words (since you have a Scrambler): dual t-cases
Gear unit from the front of a 203, The Doubler, and a 205 or 300.
I almost did this with mine until repairs on my van & other Jeep ate up my 'mad money'. This will alow you to use the 205 or 300 like normal, then shift in the 203 when you need that extra low low.

Stan, I'd personally go with the the Atlas II with the 3.8 to 1 gearing. The 4 to 1 Tera-Low parts just don't hold up in my experience.
A fellow club member has broken his Tera-Low 4 times in less than a year. If you don't use the Atlas, I'd suggest the NP205 for the

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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