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Hey everyone i am new to the forum and am looking forward to learning so much from here since registering. In the spring time i will be getting into motocross and am currently looking for a dirt bike. So far i have narrowed it down to kawasaki, ktm, or husqvarna. im just not sure what size bike to get. I have ridden a motorcycle before but have never ridden a dirt bike or done motocross. Im 22yrs 6'4 and weigh in at around 290 although i plan to be down to around 240 or 250 once spring time comes around. I plan to to ride some motocross at the club track but also plan to do lots of trail riding through the woods. My uncle is way smaller than me and he rides a husqvarna tc510 so i am just not sure whether to get a 250f or 450f. any help or advice is greatly appreciated. thanks (also i am quite responsible with machines)
thanks again
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