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Truck Bed Liner Review

I figured that since I ended up purchasing the Dual Liner, I should at least share how well I liked it. I have had it in my truck a little less than a month and I have already put it to the test. With my trucks help I put in a flag stone patio over the 4th of July weekend. I hauled sand, crushed stone, 2 pallets of flag stone and a compactor. I can very easily say that the Dual Liner worked great for this type of use. I had them lift the pallets into my truck with a hi-lo (I wish that unloading would have been that easy) and they set it down right on the mat part of the bed liner. The Dual Liner worked perfectly holding the pallet and the compactor in place, it was like they were strapped in. I shoveled out the sand and crushed stone and I didn't have to worry about hitting the liner with the shovel, it didn't even leave a mark. I used a broom to get the rest of the sand and crushed stone out then took the hose and sprayed it off, looks as good as new. I would highly recommend the Dual Liner to anybody in the market for a bed liner. :grin:
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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