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On mine I used Trail Toughs M/L's, extended slip yokes, Side kick P/S setup,Hybrid rearend, double tough axles for the front. I did the Spoa using the front CJ springs on the rear of the Zuk, and Zuk rears up front. Used Trail Toughs spring mount relocation brackets for the CJ springs for the rear, plus got my shocks, brake lines and thier Z-link. Running 33' TSL swamper Radials and this thing drives like a dream.Drive's/rides alot better than my stock 92' Zuk. Read about the bumpsteer and other problems associated with the Z-link, but I have Zero complaints on my setup.
Both Trail tough and NCO are top notch Zuk vendors. Good luck on the project.

87 Samurai- 5.12's locked up,4340 front,hybrid rear,4.16's,P/S.,Toy. carb.,DT header, 33's, 2" exhaust and Durabak inside and out.
92 Samurai- Its next!!!

Zookin- a family affair
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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