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I see you are from Southern Cali...and you are "looking to lift it for rockcrawling"

you might want to read Geoff Beasley's writeup on the CSC lift before you invest everything into a lift for "rockcrawling in the southwest"....

with the CSC there is no need for a panhardbar, as there is with some suspensions with link type shackles up has a greater approach angle than most other suspensions, you know how important approach angle can be while rockcrawling....and those YJ springs allow way more flex with a smoother ride than stock springs or CJs!

most all the hardcore rockcrawlers run s/r..and if you check under some of thier trucks you'll find a Sumo shaft powering the front/rear axle....
I don't think the birf driveshafts will allow either the power or speed. Most of the guys I wheel with that have front birf drivelines have to pull over and unlock the front hubs between the hard places so they can drive fast enough to keep up with those running the CSC suspension. I don't know of a stronger longer lasting front or rear driveshaft than the Sumo with it's 1/2 ton u-joints.

you can pick up "Ford 3/4 ton front shock towers" for about 8 bucks each ...use the DT 3000/8000 shocks for the extreme droop. make your own lower shock mounts from your old ones, by cutting them off and welding them to some 2 inch angle iron....

the csc kit comes with SpOa pads "free"...the only drawback to the CSC that I can see is standing in line for one....I hope to see that clear up in the near future as they speed up production to keep up with the high demand.

so take the time to read Geoff's writeup and ask a few of the guys on here running the CSC suspension what they think of it...I know I love mine and am very proud of the way it works in the toughest of places! So what if you go a little over's worth it!


1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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