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Which lift, how much and where

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I am looking at lifting my 95 very soon and I am looking for the best deal that I can get. Could you all let me know how much you paid for and where you got your lifts. I am considering a 3.5-4" lift. Any and all information would greatly be appreciated.

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Before we can be of much help, we need to know what you want to do with it. If you just want cheap, that's one thing. If you want 1000RTI
a good ride, whatever else, that's something else. Do you want to jump it on the dunes? How important is highway handling?

Help us out here!

Jason '87YJ
Oops, I guess I forgot those details. I am looking for a lift that will function for occasional off-roading. The vehicle is my daily driver so pavement ride is very important. Mainly around here to wheel in is mud, and the bigger vehicles rutted everything up so I plan on running 33's. I'll do the gear swap later on. Hopefully that's all you need, let me know if there is anything else.

I have a friend that had a 95 YJ with a 3.5" Superlift Softride setup and he loved it. I rode in it and it was nice on the highway. Unfortunately i never go to wheel it but it flexed nice.

My .02

Kevin Speicher
New England 4x4 Club
79 Jeep CJ-7
OME (Old Man Emu) get's high scores for their springs.
However, they are only 2.5" lift.

Besides Superlift, National springs also delivers nice springs.

OME only delivers 2.5" springs, this is not necessarily a bad thing ...

It seems like many uses 2.5" lift springs, because they seems to be a lot softer than 4" lift springs.
To get 33" to fit, you will then need a 1" body lift kit (Daystar makes a combined body mount kit / 1" lift kit)
*and* possibly a *mild* shackle lift, like 1" longer-than-stock shackles. The shackles will give you 1/2" lift as well.

Shocks makes a *big* difference, Rancho (adjustable) 9000's seems to work great.

with lift shackles, watch the caster angles, it could be that you will need degree wedges to get it back to spec.

Also, a droppped pitman arm / high steering conversion could be needed.

I have not personally seen this combination myself, but *everybody* who has this combination are very pleased with the result...

We are going to install this combination on an '86 CJ7 in a couple of months...
(starting with the springs shackles)
We are going to use YJ rear springs on all four corners (which means we'll have to change shackle hangers in the front, front shackles and spring U-bolt plates.)

PerJ (From Norway)

<[email protected]>
Using self-discipline, see
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OME now offers full-length add-a-leaves for their springs to boost them to a 3.5" lift.

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