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I've somewhat narrowed down my search for a winch front bumper/brush guard for my 89' XJ and have decided on the Custom 4x4 winch front bumper w/brush guard or the Rusty's pre run front bumper with winch mount and was wondering if anyone has had good/bad experiences with these and opinions on which one I should go with. Thanks.


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MY custom 4x4 winch bumper should arrive on the 21st and i will let you know how it is. I have never heard anything bad about it and researched it well before i bought it. SCRAM

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Hi jackedxj,
This is a reprint from a reply I originally wrote to scarm a few weeks ago on Custom 4x4 bumpers. I will add that overall I've been very happy with the work Custom 4x4 has done! I also had a bit of custom work (for theft protection) by adding secondary plating covering exposed bolts. Both Mike and Kathy did a great job on this custom request.

I've got a Custom 4x4 complete winch bumper with brush guards and D-rings. Overall they are outstanding products.

A few notes though:

1) If you get a brush guard, the headlight inner guards (within the frame) can't be removed separately. The entire headlight frame must be removed. This is important if your state laws restrict anything in front of your headlights.

2) Surface protection (powder coating) is far from adequate. I have rust forming in many spots after 7 months. Initially I thought the rust was limited to the exterior surfaces. This could be easily explained by the constant road debris over the winter which would be difficult to really eliminate via surface treatments. However, last week I noticed many rust spots forming within the winch box which is totally protected from impacts.

I've already accepted that I will have to deal with the rust and then find some kind of exterior overlay (plastic, diamond plating, etc) to insult the exterior surface from road debris.

The powder coating is very well done, but the underlying rust protection is apparently very weak.

Hope this helps,

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These trucks rock!

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I plan on getting both front and rear with tire carrier from Custom 4x4 soon. They seem to be the best of the bunch.


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