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Which emissons equipment do I need?

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Which emissions equipment am I supposed to have on my Jeep. I have an 84 Jeep Cj-7 that has a 258 six w/ the BBD carburetor and steppermorter. The dilemma is what type of smog equipment am I supposed to have. I have currently two types of smog systems, the two Pulse Air tubes w/ valves and a smog pump. The smog pump pumps air to an air dump diverter valve (controlled by one of three solenoids on top of valve cover) to another type of divider valve (also controlled by one of three solenoids on top of valve cover) that splits to the air tubes and the two pulse air tubes. I believe the I am supposed to have only one or the other systems but no mechanic or State smog check stations know the right answer. The Jeep was salvage from an engine fire so not all the smog equipment was completely installed.

I have reviewed the “jeep BBD & Pulse Air Emissions index” on the site but this does not have info for having a smog pump. I think that there were never any some pumps made in 1984 for California and this engine and smog pump was from a older year.

How do I know what type of emissions computer I have that works with which system so I can remove one and keep the other until I do the fuel injection?


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Just thought I re-post this if any one out there can help.



Hey, another Grant! I know the feeling, I'm tryung to keep my post "alive" on a busy forum day. I'm looking for the check valves Jeep hung in the rear wheelwells for the carbon-cannister thingy. BTW, I assume you will need this emissions item also, especially in CA.?

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I have an 85CJ7 and there is no pump. I believe the 84 is the same. Two of the three vacuum solenoids control air valves that open and close the air injection tubes. There is no pump--the air is suppose to be sucked down into the exhaust/cat by exhaust system draft. The third solenoid I believe operates the little plunger thing on the BBD [sol-vac]. The 85 also has the EGR and evap canister, of course.

Those are the major emissions components of the 83-86 CJ258. [or is it 84-86??]


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The air pump was last used on '82 model 258s. The 2 hoses from the switching valves go to the underside of the aircleaner. If you have an older model air cleaner, you will have to add the fittings, roughly 3/4"od tubes. Your Jeep would visually fail a CA emissions test as it is considered "modified". If your state isn't concerned about visual inspections, I'd leave it alone, as the pulse air system tends to blow exhaust,rust and carbon into the aircleaner housing that plugs up the carb jets, when they fail. The smog pump takes very little power to run. Hope this helps, good luck!

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