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Which Dana 60 best for rear of K5?

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I know a 14ff would bolt right in, but I don't really need something that big for the rear. What would be the best fitting rear Dana 60 for an 87 K5? I'm planning to put disc brakes on it if that makes a difference.
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Just curious, is there much difference between the rear D60 and a 14bolt FF to warrant the price differene? Or is there even much price difference? I always just figured teh 14 bolt's were more economical because they're so easy to find.

So you get more ground clearance or soemthing with a rear d60?
Why not go with a 14 semi float?? They are close to the same strength as a 60, and are pretty commom, and will bolt in no probs. Don't see why you couldn't run discs either.
After checking things out, I think I'll opt for the 14bff and disc it. I found a van unit complete, drum to drum with 4.11's for $100. The van rears are a tad wider than the p/u rears. The van rear rear should make the front and rear track widths be equal. Thanks.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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