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If you're familiar with the Carter AFB, then by all means get one or its' clone, the Edelbrock Performer. I've had better luck with the Edelbrock Performer than I've had with a few different Holleys in the past. Get spring-loaded needle and seats if you're planning on going off road. You could use what Chevy used before fuel injection, the Quadrajet. Edelbrock makes new Q-Jets, but they're twice the price of the Carter/Edelbrock/Holley. I'm now running the Edelbrock Q-Jet # 1904 on both my rigs. It is the best carb for off road due to its' center-hung float bowl.

'66 Jeepster Commando w/Buick 252/4.1L V-6
'70 Wagoneer w/Buick 350 V-8
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