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What would be a good replacement carb for my Buick 225? I want good throttle response. I think the one on there now is a rochester 2 barrel. The main problem I have is when in high range and low rpms it wants to quit on me. Thanks for the help. What is a good cfm.

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There's some posting on this over at the Jeepster board. I'm looking at using a Holley 390 cfm or a Quadrajet. Kinda leaning toward the Qjet after researching it on the net.

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Best carb for off-road is a quadrajet. You'll need a 4 bbl intake manifold and an adapter for the spread-bore pattern of the q-jet, as the 4 bbl intakes for the 225 are all square-bore. I would reccomend the Offenhaeuser Dual Port intake manifold # 6035, cost $200-225. If you can swing it the Edelbrock Q-Jet # 1904 would be a good selection, cost $435-450. Square-bore to spread-bore adapter should run around $20. If you want to go with a new carb and don't want to pay the price for the Q-jet, then the Carter AFB # 9504, (appx. $230), Edelbrock Performer # 1404 & elec choke kit # 1478, (appx. $250 for both), or Holley # 8007, (appx. $260), in that order. It is worth saving for the extra money to get the Q-jet. It's the next best thing to fuel injection.

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If you haven't already done so, do yourself a favor and get a motorcraft 2100. From reading all the posts, this seems to be the simplest - and best - upgrade. Total cost shouldn't exceed $150, and that's with buying a rebuilt carb. I'm doing this upgrade this weekend.

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