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I have seen many pictures with truck with a foam wrapper on their open element air cleaner. Who makes this product and where can i get one?? Do they help in preventing mud and water getting into the air filter?
Thanks to all who can help me.
Dan Stewart
1963 CJ5 "CAloosa Jeepers" member


hi Dan,
I know of two different kinds of pre-filters, one is Edelbrock(which is a foam one) that I have seen forsale in AutoZone Parts stores and the other is from K&N, they make two different types of pre-filters, one is a thin fabric type(the one that I run on mine) and a thick foam type. I had to order these from a performance shop here where I live.
The pre-filters work really good for stopping mud, dirt, sand and slows the flow of water into the filter itself. I would recommend using a high quality open element filter along with the pre-filter such as the ones offered by K&N.
Just my 2 cents.


I'll second that, Peanut. I use K&N filters on my trucks. The mud truck has an open type with the foam pre-filter. It works great for mud racing. You oil it just like the inner filter. The inner filter is still almost as clean as it was new. I like it because it cleans up quicker than the inner one. You can get them at speed shops or order them from Jegs mail order 800-345-4545.

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