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I was wondering how his YJ conversion was going. I picked up a few sets of YJ springs (actually I have 2 rear '95 Trooper Springs (long coil), all 4 TJ springs (both coil) with locating hardware, 2 front CJ springs, 2 front and 2 rear CJ springs, and now 4 front and 4 rear YJ springs). Anyway, I was wondering about the YJ conversion as I'd like to start on the Zuki to get rid of the nice non-flexing 5" Calmini lift. Problem is, I'm still looking to stay SUA, not SOA and was wondering what problems he had encountered.

I know about the shocks, lines, and shafts, but anything else? I can fabricate, and would rather do that that buy a kit. No offense to any of the kit makers out there, but I'm cheap and they're pricey.

Oh, before anyone asks, I'll be selling some CJ and YJ springs here in the future to help finance the Zukimelt trip, and the 5" Calmini kit as well. I need to look the YJ's over and see which ones I'll part with and how I'll ship everything.

Winter Harbor, Maine
'81 CJ-8 Scrambled, It's a Jeep, Chevy, IHC kinda thing!
'88.5 Zuki, 5" Calmini, Locked, Swamped, Rolled, and just generally broken in right!
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