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Where do I get parts for a Ramsey pro 9000 winch

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OK.....I have a broken Ransey pro-9000 winch and am searching for some stock parts for it....where do I start looking? Any web sites with an exploded diagram?

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I live in Canada and deal with a subsidiary of National Tire and Wheel,(NATIONAL 4x4(inCANADA)) these guys can find darn near anything including parts for my old REP 6000, I can not think of their number but the advertise monthly in the big 4x4 mags
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I would think that would be a good place to start.
Ramsey did'nt help me much but the nice folks at USwinch got me the parts in a couple of days half way across the country. They even identified the old Ramsey over the phone since I really didn't know what model I had.
You can call Ramsey's tech support and have them fax you an exploded diagram with part numbers. Beyond that, they aren't good for sh*t other than a list of places in your area that can repair the winch or order parts (you can't order the parts directly from them). This is exactly why many people say to buy Warn instead of Ramsey. I have an older RE8000 that I need to rebuild and all I got was the run around until one tech support guy got tired of me trying to describe the parts in order to get the numbers to supply them to National Tire & Wheel (Ramsey pawned me off on them first, then they sent me back to Ramsey for the part numbers) and he just faxed over the diagram to get rid of me.

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