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Where do I find these parts for a carb?

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Hey guys,

2bl stock carb for 304.

I need to get an acceleration pump and the spacers that go under the carb. So far I have not found anyone who has them. Any suggestions?

Brian "A4x4jeeper"
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I take it from your name that you live in NJ. Assuming that, here are a couple of people to contact. The 1st is the best, call
Jim Diamond at (609) 654-5070 in Mt Holly NJ, Jim is a nice guy with about 8000 square feet of used Jeep parts from what he says.
Number two is Sam the Jeep man in Barnegat NJ ( I don't have his # but he is listed in the phone directory) he is a smaller version of
Jim and he can be overpriced as well as not too helpful(depends on his mood). The 3rd is the worst, All American Salvage in Rahwah
NJ again I don't have the phone # but they are also listed. I HATE THIS SALVAGE YARD THEY SPECIALIZE in JEEPS but everything
is way overpriced $100 for a Wagoneer rear window, $50 for just the shifter rod for a T-150 trans, $100 for two Wrangler seat belts,
you get the idea, HOWEVER if all else fails then they probably have it.

Thanks, (what part of jersey are you from?)
I appreciate the leads. I do know Jim Diamond and If I ever get in touch with him his prices are a bit high most of the time. I only live 15min from him so its nice for a backup.. :)

Brian "A4x4jeeper"
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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