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Where Did The Improvement Go???..........

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Have you ever finished an upgrade and were really "Wowed" by it? Then, 6 months down the road, the improvement seems to have vanished. Or has it? Is it possible that we get so accustomed to the new performance level that it becomes the new standard to gauge against?
Or, is it just me losing the plot??.......
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You get accustomed to the new performance. Then need new highs to measure from.

Kind of like when you get used to something that stinks, first its bad, then you don't notice it.

It works both ways! LOL

You had to ask!
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Funny you should bring this up, I've been thinking how slow my zuke is getting but I look down and I'm going up the hill the same speed as before!

One thing, I still marvel at the ride of the RUF/CJ setup
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Since I finished the major work to my truck last November, most everything I have done as a whole leaves me feeling pretty good. I am REALLY "wowed" when my little Zuk with 33's follows the big Jeep's and sometimes go where they can't.
Not to mention that I have as a total investment of less than the sales tax on there trucks.
I am in the process of planning my next rig and it will no doubt leave me feeling as satisfied and proud to be a SamuraiGuy!
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CrowHorse; I think u hit the nail on the head!!!! George; >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 3
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I have often wondered the same thing. I have been tossing around the idea of keeping a detailed log, just to compare the effects of modifications.

Some of the things I was thinking about tracking...

-Top speed : see how the engine is running

-Front/rear bumper height : decreases caused by sagging springs, new weight added etc.

-Oil usage rate : see if its getting worse

Anybody think of anything else to track?
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I keep such a log (in excell) and track mileage and all maintenance and mods. The gas mileage record has
been very informative when compared to top speed and hill climbing ability. When do I need to downshift,
and on which commonly run hills.

It also keeps track of oil changes as well as the average distance betwen changes and when the next one
is due.

Knowing how long ago I did something to it also helps when I forget just when I did do something, which
is all too ofted these days...
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