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Where Can I Get These Fittings? Help

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Hey Guys,

I am getting ready to mount my York and i am looking for fitting similar to the ones shown at: orange ones on top of the compressor) Anyone have any idea where to get there?? The email address on the page does not work.

Thanks For Any Help

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I'm not sure where those fittings came from. If you have the factory hoses, you can cut off the hose and use a 1/2" compression fitting over the metal part of the hose. For my setup I used brass fittings with Teflon tape on the compression ferrules. You can see pics on my website:

I also have links to some other York installs.


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I have a set of those .
they mount just like that and have a barbed fitting on them.

$25 plus shipping

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those orange fittings and bracket came in a kit that used to be sold for cj and yj's.. i dont believe the guy makes them anymore..
Therold Enterprises i think was the name of the company.

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hey what do you guys suggest for an air filter for the intake? I'm setting my own up soon and that's one of the last questions I have.../wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif

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those type brackets also came on some aftermarket AC conversion kits from the early 70s and up.

I beleive they require the appropriate compressor head, since ive got 2 complete compressors side by side, one with those fittings and one with normal FSJ fittings, the mounting point is different.

In need of a T18 tranny!
Those fittings, and the entire kit for that matter, can be had at Brad Kilby bought out Therold and is continuing to produce.
HOw about a mini K&N for the intake, or you could plumb it into you main Intake Filter area
Good Luck

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I wouldn't advise it b/c that compressor should pull massive amounts of air. It would rob your engine of air when you used the compressor. I have my BIG York on order and I can not help much other than this. But I would think that the compressor and the engine fighting for the same amount of air would be performance inhibiting.
Good Luck, I will probably have a similar York related post by next Fri.

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