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Where are you all from??

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Since I'm new to the Suzuki world and this forum; I'd like to find out your whereabouts; hope you don't mind :)

I'm living in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Married with two kids, 'been wheeling for about six years or so.
Proud owner of new - to me - black '87 Samurai JX; bone stock as of now.


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I was born and raised in Geer, South Carolina. I now live in West Chester, Ohio with yuppies. I moved up here with work. I work for CSX railroad, I'm a deisel mech. on trains. have a great time learning from everyone on the broad.

Jimmie & MONZUKI

"God doesn't have to hand out brains everyday."
Just to add in (especially since I seem to be the only one from here), I am from Idaho. Name makes sense now? :)

'87 stock Samurai, lots of work to be done
Windsor, CA

88 Zuk
locked and loaded
Sin-Sin-Nasty,OH (Cincinnati,OH)
You think vegas is bad come here, you just have to know the right people!

88 hardtop, custom SPOA, 31's
Wow, I think this thread beats any records. I hope to meet you all sometimes soon
Thx averyone for this great board!!!!

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7 days from now I will be in Tampa, Fla.

Neal the Zukiguy

88.5 Weber carb, header, 4.16 t-case, 31x10.5 M/T's, 2" s/r, 2" bod lift, front tube, Swift seats, on-board air
Born/grew up in
Dubuque, Iowa

Germany, courtesy of the US Army

Cedar Rapids, IA

Now Marion, IA

Marion, Iowa
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Raleigh, North Carolina. Can't imagine a better place to live. If we could only rid the place of all those damn yankees....

Steve O'

'87 4-Runner, 31's, Downey headers & 2.5" cat-back, Flowmaster, 3" lift, and locked.
'87 SPAMurai, 30's, 2" lift, to be locked soon.
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