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Where are you all from??

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Since I'm new to the Suzuki world and this forum; I'd like to find out your whereabouts; hope you don't mind :)

I'm living in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Married with two kids, 'been wheeling for about six years or so.
Proud owner of new - to me - black '87 Samurai JX; bone stock as of now.


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Dayton, OH

Scott Whitmore
"It's not that it's able to do the job. It's that it does the job so well"
Execpt for mmartian1969, where are the west coaster's!!

Bill Forrest!!............Off-Road Champion.
Ottawa Canada since a year. I was born,raised and lived in Quebec city most of my passed years.

Slowly moving West.../wwwthreads_images/icons/wink.gif

1987 stock hardtop Zuk
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Welcome aboard! I'm from Upstate NY about 2.5 hours north of NYC.

im from the middle of the country here. winnipeg man

I'm in Winter Harbor, Maine, and mere 3,260 miles east of Los Angeles, CA and 60 miles from eastern Canada, right on the Atlantic Ocean.

The wife and I are 32, merried 8 years with no kids, just 2 cats, a husky, and a dwarf rabbit that loves to watch James Bond movies.

We are fairly new to Zookin, less than a year, but I've wheeled Jeeps for many years, Scout's before them, going back to when I was only 10. Been in Maine all my life except for a short 6 year stint in the Army, and can't see living anywhere else.

Winter Harbor, Maine
'81 CJ-8 Scrambled, It's a Jeep, Chevy, IHC kinda thing!
'88.5 Zuki, 5" Calmini, Locked, Swamped, Rolled, and just generally broken in right!
Kent, Washington...Somewhere near Seattle. Born and lived here except for a nice military trip.

The big town of Caddo Mills, Texas populations 1099, Salute!
Where the land is flat and the wind is always blowing 30 mph.

North Myrtle Beach, South Caroina......just finished building Dye, Fazio, Love and Norman golf courses on a new 2500 acre new town with 6500 new family residences under construction.... Come on down!

Early 87 Zuk, Calmini headers, 2" Calmini reverse lift, Calmini 2" Exhaust system, Kayline Full Doors,Steel Horse Seats, 30x9.5 Roadmaster rubber, Doetsh shocks & stabilizer, soon a Pony & GRS-1
I'm in georgia, just south of Atlanta

-Derek Schwab
'97 Sidekick Sport
Shopping for a Samurai!
where im texas is that?

Steve /wwwthreads_images/icons/cool.gif
'88 Suzuki Samurai
'99 Toyota Tacoma (Tow Vehicle)
[email protected]
Texas A&M Off-Road
FTAC of 2003
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tazewell tn here. 15 miles due east of where tn, va & ky meet.
BiLLy bOb

Do unto others as you want done to you!
If you pack it in, pack it out!
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Louisville, Colorado
Just East of Boulder, NNW of Denver

Old enough to have had a Willis Pickup(not a jeep), Nissan Patrol, FJ45 Wagon,
FJ40 (still have), Fj60 (still have), Zuk (still have), 4x4 Van, Trooper (still have),
I once owned a car or two to keep the wife happy, trooper does that now.

Travel, anyplace, anywhere


Dayton, Ohio

Tim Evans
88 Samurai
Skip too bad you didn't come to this board about 3 months earlier! I was in Oak Harbor and we could have gone wheeling! oh well.

Bill Forrest!!............Off-Road Champion.
Bill I guess you are out of the service now or are you down at San Dog doin more time.N(ever)A(gain)V(olenteer)Y(ourself)

I Work to Wheel, because I wheel, I work.
Beautiful Colorado Springs, CO. look out my window and what do I see 14,110' of mountain looking back at me. Raised in Indiana, but have lived in Fl, TN, MN, VA, and CA.

BTW Guys and Gals, I am selling Zook straps for your doors complete with Q/D's $15.00 shipping included. e-mail me if interested. I am striving to make 'em better and cheaper. you can see my eBay auctions for a pic, and my feedback on them.

Drive fast and take chances.
TEXAS A&M, I guess you were refering to me in Caddo Mills. Forty miles east of Dallas off of I30. On a given day there can be thirty gliders in the sky. Something about that area has a lot of wind and updraft. My wife says it's me.

I live in Piney Point, Maryland. About as far south as you can go on the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay before you fall off the edge of the planet.

"Reality goes on without me!"
Bel Air, Maryland about 20 miles northeast of Baltimore
1988 Samurai 1600 16valve
2000 Tracker

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