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I seem to be the only one. I am now also the proud owner of a Land Rover which will be my main Off Road Vehicle. 1974 Ex-Military Lightweight 24 Volt Right Hand Drive Hard top. In camo paint.

Here's a pic of the X towing the Rover at the infamous Pine Barrens. I didn't take either out, instead I tagged along with some Rover boys and a Trooper.



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looks like a little to much wieght there buddy.
you might consider flat towing it or getting a full size to pull it. nissan trucks rate at 5000 pounds with auto and 3500 manual. I may be wrong about the wieght you are pulling but even with aluminum bodies that rover has to wiegh and then to add the trailer? At least experiment with tongue wieght. just be carefull. very nice rover though. and once we get kits going for our new platform trucks you can bet we will run em hard. has anybody noticed the lousy approach and departure angles on the new trucks?
come on Fab-tech............give us 4 inches........
keep pestering them all crew-cab,x-terra, and frontier owners, keep pestering those suspension companies(all of them)

1 - 3 of 3 Posts