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when hot idle is rough?

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It idles good when i start it up ,after 40 min. of driving i stop at a light it idles very rough,when i take off it runs smooth until i stop then the idle is rough,i used the "search " button with no help .can any help me ,thanks victor
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fill out your bio a little more so at least we know what motor you have.

If its EFI, I would start by pulling the two intake hoses off the throttle body and check for excessive carbon buildup on the plates. if so you can clean it out with carb cleaner soaked on a rag wrapped around a long screwdriver. If you have build up there , most likely you will also find it in your idle air by-pass valve thats screwed to the side of the throttle body, unbolt that and check inside the ports for gunk and clean that also if neccesary. Next i would suspect a vaccum leak somewhere and pulling the codes might be next if the throttle bodies ok...
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