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4 Wheel Parts Warehouse, I found had the best price on black spoke Rock Crawler Wheels. They quoted me for a set of 5, 7x15 with 2.5 backspacing. The cost on the 5 wheels delivered was $232.00 via fed ex. For more informaton, contact Ray Sanchez
phone: 877-474-4821 ext. 5616
Fax: 310-900-5560
Email: [email protected]

Although, I did not purchase my wheels from 4 Wheels Parts because Willamette's Custom Wheels contacted me first and got my order. I got the Willamette's black mod wheels without the rivits. I like the mod wheels better than spokes but I think the Rock Crawlers come with a nicer powder coat.

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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