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I have a question of where to find 15x8 wheels with somewhere between 2 and 2.5 of backspacing? I pretty sure this was talked about before, but I can't remeber the details of who carries this. TIA.

Tim Evans
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I got my 2.0" backspaced 15x10's from Rocky Road. They are made by US Wheel, customized to your specs. My product review can be found here:

-- Geoff Beasley
Thanks for the info Geoff

Tim Evans
88 Samurai
You can also get them from Willimette wheel. I got the daytona style, I would call around and see who has them in stock. I had to wait awhile for mine
as they waited for some parts before they could make my set.
nice wheels otherwise.

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Petroworks still advertises 2.75 backspaced wheels on their web site. under the body section.

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4 Wheel Parts Warehouse, I found had the best price on black spoke Rock Crawler Wheels. They quoted me for a set of 5, 7x15 with 2.5 backspacing. The cost on the 5 wheels delivered was $232.00 via fed ex. For more informaton, contact Ray Sanchez
phone: 877-474-4821 ext. 5616
Fax: 310-900-5560
Email: [email protected]

Although, I did not purchase my wheels from 4 Wheels Parts because Willamette's Custom Wheels contacted me first and got my order. I got the Willamette's black mod wheels without the rivits. I like the mod wheels better than spokes but I think the Rock Crawlers come with a nicer powder coat.

Petroworks has the size you are considering for about the same price as RRO and they come already finished (painted), if that matters to you... it would to me.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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