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Wheels for Sale

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Hey, if anyone is interested in some nice brand new wheels, I have them. Especially if you're in Virginia or close. Like say 150 miles or so from No. VA, DC area. I have a brand new never been mounted or used set of American Racing 16X8 Polished Aluminim Atlas wheels. Back space is 4.5". Lug pattern is 6 X 5.5, hubcentric. To someone within a 150 miles I deliver and you can have em for 450. TTORA members can have them for 425.00. If you're far and would like them, we'll figure out a deal not to exceed 480.00 which would include shipping. If you'd like em, drop me a line at [email protected] I bought them for my Tacoma, but changed my mind as I am looking for less backspacing. They will also fit a Chevy fullsize truck.
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