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Wheelin' in Rhode Island?

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Wheelin\' in Rhode Island?

Anybody know of a place to wheel in Rhode Island, preferably not too far from Kingston? Besides the beach, that is. I'm visiting my sister for Thanksgiving and she has 3 boys who'd probably love to go for a ride.


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Re: Wheelin\' in Rhode Island?

well i'll tell ya, your outa luck. i'm a former newport resident for 6 years, and there is NO where to go. you have to go out of state. actually, not for verbatim, but i couldn't find anywhere to go. i looked in exeter,kingston,.actually, take them to block island. its not extreme offroad, but you have to airdown and the roads are sand,mud,muck and weeds. place yu cant go by normal car. its also very nice there. just a thought. good luck.
Re: Wheelin\' in Rhode Island?

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