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wheel spacers

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there was an article in one of the magazines recently on wheel spacers. i can't remember who the manufacturer was. anyone know who make spacers?


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What are you trying to accomplish? Don't know for sure what a "wheel spacer" is. Are you trying to move the wheel out and away from it's normal spindle mounting location?

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I don't know what article your talking about but if you get a cirle track magazine or web site, (or talk to a cirle dirt track racer), they are always using different offsets and know about wheel spacers

the wheel spacers in the articles were made from billet aluminum (i think). they bolted onto the wheel studs and had a set of studs on them as well. they move the mounting point of the rim out the thickness of the spacer. as i recall they come in different thicknesses starting around 2 inches. either four wheeler or petersen's did an article over the summer on them.

I have the article at home, I'll check it tonite and let you know. Do you plan on doing any four wheeling with the spacers on? It's my opinion that the spacers will probably enhance (for some) the looks of your Jeep but probably is not safe for off-road use.

I'll e-mail you the info tonite.

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gotta recomend you don't try the spacers on it, moves the center of the wheel out and seriously increases the load on the axle bearings and such. are you trying to fit larger tires or something?

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