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Wheel size on 03 Vitara

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I just bought my truck and it has 16inch wheels. Does anyone know if 15inch wheel like from a tracker will fit. There are basicly no good tire selections that will fit the 16inch. I have a calmini 2.5 inch lift on order. I am new to the Suzuki world so any info would be great.

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Does anyone know if 15inch wheel like from a tracker will fit.

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No. And there are no aftermarket steel wheels to fit it either. The caliper is large, and requires a JJ flange in order to clear it.

LT 225/75R16 or LT235/70R16 will fit with the 2.5" lift, with the first size being slightly larger. Minor trimming of the front bumper and removal of the foo-foo mud guards may be required.

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Thank you for the info. One more question? Would a 215-70-16 fit with out a lift? I have no mud flaps, guards.


It should. Might require minor plastic trimming.

Is this a Vit or GV? If it's a GV, I wouldn't go with such a narrow tire.
Thanks Yankee Tim. No it is the basic Vitara. I am going to wait on the lift due to warrenty issues so would like to get some kind of AT tire.

Thanks again

What's the stock tire size now? Compare your front caliper to that of a GV. If yours is smaller, you might be able to fit the 15" rim.
It has 215/65/16. I looked at a ZR2 tracker this weekend and it has 15inch wheels with 215/75/15. There is good clearence there. I can't figure out why Suzuki put the 16inch on. I can't see where going from a 65 to 70 series would cause that much problem, but then agian I am a newbi.

Like I said, compare rotors and calipers. This is the main reason for the 16" rim. There are two rims for Vits/GVs. The Vit is a 16x6.5 J and the GV is 16x7 JJ. The Vit rims won't clear the much bigger GV caliper (been there, done that)


If the Vit and Tracker use the same front brakes, then a 15" rim should fit your Vit, and those can be bought brand new for $25-30 a piece.

Do the leg work and let us know what you find out.
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