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Wheel Noise

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I have a grinding, chirping noise eminating from the right front tire of my 86 CJ7. My mechanic says he needs to tear apart the hub to find out what it is. Also he says the wheel does not move when in 4WD. Does any one have any idea what is causing this noise?? I would like to fix it myself since I have already spent over $3000 on repairs since August.

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Your mechanic is right. You will have to tear the hub apart to be sure what the problem is. More than likely it's one of two things, the locking
hub is broken or the wheel bearings failed. This is not a difficult job. You willneed normal hand tools plus the large socket for the nut that
holds the bearings in and a snap ring pliers. It really is pretty straight forward.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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