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Sorry to burst your bubble, but those things aren't comming off with no piddly slide hammer. Somewhere during this operation, you will need a press.

I think somebody here had a little easier method of getting them off though, saw a write up on a web page a while back, if anybody remembers, please post it.

1) Take a grinder or dremel tool, cut the outer cage for the bearing. This is fairly easy. Just cut the collar and peal it back.

2) Once the outer collar and and rollers have been removed, and this will leave you with only the inner collar.

3) Score the inner collar with the grinder/dremel, about 1/2 through the material, being CAREFUL not to touch the shaft with the cutting tool.

4) Take a hammer/chisel and hit the score to part the remaining collar.

You will need a press to put on the new bearings. I would suggest heating (boiling works well) them prior to pressing them as it will make things go easier.

'83 CJ-7 nothing original but the tub and axle tubes
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