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wheeel spacers for a raptor

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has anyone tried the wheel spacers? I was thinking about putting them on my raptor.
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wheel spacers are not such a good idea. in the front they cause a ton of bump steer, put alot more stress on the spindles and if they break you are F'ed in the back they are not as bad but still put a ton more leverage on the axle and will make it bend or brake alot easier.
I have not tried them i have just heard what others have said. Think about it though, the wheel is farther from the pivot of the spindle so there is now much greater leverage on the steering system when the wheel hits something, and if you hit something hard enough to break either the spacer or the spindle..not good. Extended a arms are the way to go, more travel and less bump steer. Becasue of the increased leverage on the shock you will have to get some new shocks setup up for the wider arms too the elka dual rates w/o rezzies are a cheap and extremely good performing shock. i STRONGLY recomend quicksand racing a arms!!! you absolutely will not get a better arm for the price, or even a better arm period! call them up and talk to gary, he will hook you up with some sweet arms and his customer service is fantastic!
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hey no problem glad i could help
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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