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Hmmm...let's see:
1. You only have to have a pulse and be able to pass a basic literacy test in order to get hired on as a loader or unloader.
2. You get worked like a slave for 4 hours straight and many of them pull double shifts for the money.
3. Half the loader/unloaders couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag.
4. Half of the unloaders are too busy looking for stuff to steal to be concerned with handling your package carefully.
5. The better a worker you are, the harder they work you, and if you have half a brain, they'll promote you to a sorter.

Yes, I worked there...for exactly one week as a second job and I was in training to be a sorter after 2 days and they were trying to talk me into dropping out of college. I saw all of the above in that short time span. It's about quantity, not quality.

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