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Discussion Starter · #1 · the past year or so, I have had quite a few broken things arrive that are explainable....a winsheild.....yes, even between tow pieces of plywood and could break-a few cases of paintballs for my paintball field got damaged as well as some dings in equipment. But, in th epast two months I have gotten a broken crankshaft and winch! The crankshaft was shppied from the company in original packing and was sheared off when I got ! Whats up with this! Then a Ramsey pro 9000 was delivered with a cracked housing and drive gear! This can pull 9000 pounds and my Jeep out of a mud hole but can't withstand to be shipped UPS. Anyone elses stories will be wecomed to this post....Blow off some STEAM.


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I'll just say this:
Over 20 wedding gifts (approx value: $4k)... they wouldn't do a thing. Luckily, Macy's felt bad, and provided my wife (us) with store credit.

Now I have china that's never been used. What if we could register for JEEP PARTS! Yes, now there's an idea.. forget the China, I need locking hubs... /wwwthreads_images/icons/cool.gif

Phone call goes like this: Ummm... 4wd ? I've got a buddy getting married, can you send me his registry... /wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif

Wife's response: why do you need ANOTHER driveshaft, you've already got one. /wwwthreads_images/icons/mad.gif

Reply: Babe, we've got 18 unused crystal stems... /wwwthreads_images/icons/frown.gif

I'd rather be...
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HAHA! oh man! If only it were to be!!
Last week I told my fiance "Umm Babe, remember that duster I had a few years ago? Id kinda like to get a hemi cuda now..."
to which she replied
"they're so bad on gas"
Guess thats a no?


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I don't about rest of you, but I commute everyday with my Jeep and I WILL buy whatever I need for my baby (Jeep). Funny things is that, my wife can't say a word! Or else, honey can I take your minivan becuase my Jeep is sick!! She hates taking bus to work! lol..

Nycjeep :)


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hahah something dad works for UPS as a truck driver, and he doesn't even send his own packages UPS, thats gotta tell ya something!

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Hmmm...let's see:
1. You only have to have a pulse and be able to pass a basic literacy test in order to get hired on as a loader or unloader.
2. You get worked like a slave for 4 hours straight and many of them pull double shifts for the money.
3. Half the loader/unloaders couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag.
4. Half of the unloaders are too busy looking for stuff to steal to be concerned with handling your package carefully.
5. The better a worker you are, the harder they work you, and if you have half a brain, they'll promote you to a sorter.

Yes, I worked there...for exactly one week as a second job and I was in training to be a sorter after 2 days and they were trying to talk me into dropping out of college. I saw all of the above in that short time span. It's about quantity, not quality.


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Well, our stuff always got to us, with no breakage. Our local UPS driver knows who we are. When my wife worked at the local grade school, he knew enough to deliver our packages there. It might also have been so that he didn't have to park on the really busy highway in front of the house we lived in at that time :cool:

I realize this doesn't make any difference to the people at the distribution centers. I ordered a Samurai service manual from Petroworks in CA. After about a week I started tracking it down. It had been sent to IL, then back to CA. The UPS workers went on strike right then. I figured that it was either gone, or it would be another two or three weeks. Surprise, it showed up the day after the supervisory people started filling in for those on strike. Coincidence?

BTW, it's not just UPS. I grew up in an area that had a Yellow Freight terminal. There were horrific stories of loading dock workers breaking open packages and swiping stuff. Some of these stories I got from someone who I can be sure was not exaggerating. The workers were so certain that they couldn't be fired that many of them loafed and played cards, while temp workers were hired to do the actual work. After a few years, Yellow Freight simply closed the terminal. The workers weren't fired, but their jobs were gone.


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I was a preloader back in 80 and lasted 13 months. Good money for JC guy. Your right about working the heck out of you. The guys in the trailers walk all over the packages, you basicly have to to get to the nose of trailer to unload. Luckily packages were limited to 50lbs at that time. We could send back or refuse to load packages that exceeded the limit. Oh the memories. I don't believe that there is a shipping company out there that really is concerned with the condition of the package. They take the percentages that the package will get there ok. I still use them now. Never did like being a teamster at the time. It was suggested that you join but not manditory. FSU called or I would have left the Union . More fun at Tallahassee than Ft. Lauderdale every day except Spring Break.

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