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I'm new to the world of Nissans, having just bought my first one two weeks ago. It is a 97 XE 4x4 truck. I have previously owned two toys and a full size chevy. I am very surprised, and disheartened, by the lack of aftermarket parts for Nissans. I have flipped through hundreds of back issues of all the top 4x4 mags, only to find a couple pictures and not a lick of information. Would someone please explain the major flaw or disadvantage that Nissans have that I have somehow overlooked.


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Awesome trucks but really hard to find stuff for (unlike toys). Took me almost 2 months to track down and recieve a K&N filter! Good luck Nissan has some issues with being lifted so theres not alot of good body/ susp lifts.The nissan with a few aftermkt parts, good shocks, steering stabs, bigger tires can hold there own. I have 31X10.5 tires, Warn Black Diamond xt shocks, K&N filter, Smittybilt nerf bars, Piaa lights, a Flowmaster cat-back exhaust setup, and NGK plugs. This all looks good and I often have the big trucks scratching their heads wondering how I made it up in or out of some of the 4X areas here in mountanious NW Oregon!!!
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You are going to hear it sooner or later so I might as well be the one to tell you. Nissan aftermarket is best served by Automotive Customizers ( Good selection (for Nissans at least) and if they dont have what you are looking for, chances are that it hasnt been built yet. Their are other aftermarket vendors, although few and far between, so do keep checking around.

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If you live in the Southern California area head over to Donahoe Racing and they will fabricate a lift for you. The price will probably be surprisingly affordable as well. At least compared to a good Toyota or Chevy kit....

Also, the superlift kit may fit your truck if it is a pre-Frontier....

Good Luck,


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There are only two flaw's related to Nissan trucks, #1 There aren't enough of us who actually use them or build them up from their shopping buggy stereo-type status! #2 The front ends on them are a bit to light so most manufactures can't seem to find the "BALLs" to put their engineers to work on creating proper aftermarket components, but in their defense it all relates back to the first flaw and that is why make what won't sell???

Chris J.
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It is true that there is little aftermarket for Nissan 4x4s------ OH Well

It just makes for a challenge. It reminds me of building a Jeep back in the 1970s! You had to do most of the modifications from scratch!

Well you guys, You can do a lot with a stock Nissan with 31 inch tires anyway. If you want a seriously modified 4x4 you need more power, Big tires,
lower gears anyway. I know that a lot of guys think that you can just bolt aftermarket parts on to a factory 4x4 to create a modified rig, but I disagree.
You need MORE Engine-- like a Buick or Chevy V6 that has torque! -----Even with a Toyota or Jeep, you will usually want to do
an engine swap! So in the end, no aftermarket solution is NOT a simple solution anyway. You are also going to need lower gears! and stronger gears at that!

For Gears, even Jeeps and Toyotas get expensive and are not just bolt-on. If you have a Buick or CHevy engine swap, do the SM420 or SM 265

As for axles, the Jeep and Toyota gang trade axles all the time too, so why not do the same with a Nissan. A model 44 Dana or 8 inch Toytot solid front

So no matter if you have a Jeep or Toyota, ---------or a Nissan, IF you actually build a highly modified 4x4 you are going to change Engines, Transmissions,
and axles/suspension. Otherwise, why not just stick to a stock machine with 31 inch maximum tires???

In the end, a serious highly modified 4x4 is custom fabricated anyway.


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Say What??? Sorry pal but I'd have to disagree! I'm running a Dana 44 in the front of my 95 Pathfinder and soon to be a Ford 9" in the rear. I'm also running 35's with a 4:88 gear ratio and the stock V-6 which still gives me plenty of power. True the Buick or Chevy 4.3 etc will give a little more power but personally I prefer the reliablity, which both the Buick and the Chev have never be able to display. The IFS on Nissan's is the only set-back for tires etc, but even then you can still run a 35 - 36 without major fabrication and the motor has plenty enough to turn them! More power is always nice but it can also be the cause of a hell of alot more broken parts etc. I'll give ya credit on the 44 but you might want to check your stats that Toy 8"???
You don't need no 500hp to be a real 4x4, you just need to get out and actually use it!

Chris J.
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I wasn't really looking to build a highly modified off-road machine. I was just hoping to find enough aftermarket parts ie. 3 inch suspension thats nots strictley a torsion bar lift and more in the way of lockers and traction aiding devices for front and back. I wanted to keep the truck a true Nissan and just make it as bullet proof as possible without making it a hybrid. I was hoping to eventually go with 33's and some different gearing and maybe a locker front and rear. This truck is my daily driver as well, so I needed it to handle good in the daily grind. I want to thank everyone who responded to my post ya'll gave me some things to think about, now I'll just sit back and learn some more.

Thanks again.


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You could do a body lift of a couple of inches. As far as a suspension lift, you could go an inch without modification to the A-Arms--
but watch out for ball-joint wear and steering misalignment. If you find a front end machanic who knows his stuff then perhaps you
could custom modify the front suspension for lifting while maintaining correct Ball-Joint angles???

perhaps there is an air-locker for you Nissan???



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Chris says:
Say What??? Sorry pal but I'd have to disagree! I'm running a Dana 44 in the front of my 95 Pathfinder and soon to be a Ford 9" in the rear. I'm also
running 35's with a 4:88 gear ratio and the stock V-6 which still gives me plenty of power.


If you are happy with the POWER than keep your stock engine.

TORQUE is my main concern. A 500 horsepower V8 would not do either.

A Buick V6 is rated at less horsepower than many Japanese SUV V6 engines, but has much more low RPM torque.
Isuzu markets a 250 hp V6--- but it only has 160 ft pounds of torque at 2000 rpms compared to a Buick V6 having
240 foot pounds a 2000 rpms-- the Buick V6 spec is only 110 horsepower---- a weakling compared to the 250 hp
Isuzu--- but it is just that the Buick engine is not a high RPM crusier so the horsepower rating used does the Buick
an injustice.

Some engines are good in a 4x4 due to HIGH Torque at the Lower RPMs
If you run a Low Torque/High RPM engine in a 4x4 that is when you will easily break gears off-road.

This is why I say SWAP engines! Most SUVs have street engines in them-- and they need more torque to navigate
through the rough stuff without abusing the drive train.

Toyota 8 inch third members are somewhat stronger than a Dana 44. Toyota fanatics say that they are as strong as a Dana 60.
Over-engineered. A Dana 44 is plenty strong however-- I ran Dana 25s in Jeeps for 25 years powered with 225 Buick V6 engines
with no problem. A Dana 25 is very small compared to a Dana 44 too. I bet that a Dana 25 in a Jeep would break with even a Z 2.4 Liter
Nissan engine though---( yet not break with a more powerful Buick V6) because more engine RPMs would be needed(with a Z 2.4---- this would jerk the gears around and lead to failure .High torque engines are easier on the gears-- less bashing around.

Hot Rod Street racing ideas about horsepower do not directly apply to four-wheeling. TORQUE is the first consideration when it comes
to POWER in a 4x4. Street machines do not need as much Torque to keep rolling as a 4x4 in the rough stuff.
HIgh Torque engines are also gasoline hogs too--- so they have generally been phased out byf modern automobile makers.


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LOL~ Apparently I didn't make myself clear, or you missed my point! WHATEVER, done with it!

Chris J.
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The only V-8 that will ever grace the inside of my engine comparment is the 4.5 From a Q45 Infiniti. The only thing nice about GM engines is any ******* can work on them. You need to have some brains to work on a Nissan. Its not my fault that allthe Nissan owners are at the top of the gene pool!

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