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What\'s a new steel CJ7 body worth?

No i don't have one but I seen one on a Jeep yesterday at a auction here in Detroit. It was a CJ7 that somebody had replaced the body with a brand new one(maybe from willysoverland in Toledo). It was mint and very straight. The problem with it was it suffured an engine fire but as far as I could see the body tub wasn't affected(didn't lift the hood to check). But I was thinking that if it sold for a reasonable price I might pick it up. So what would that tub be worth?

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Re: What\'s a new steel CJ7 body worth?

The one's from Willys-overland are worth considerably more than say Quadratec, because they have the actual JEEP stamped into them. I think WO was selling them for about $2,700.
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