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i have a rebuilt(10 000 miles ago) amc 360,i'm thinking of going to the synthetic camp,(because of the excellent past posts). my rebuilt motor suffers from the typical low hot idle amc blues,i would never run 15w50 in mineral based oil,but can i get away with that thick of oil in summer with a sythetic?(oregon)i understand a thicker viscosity sythetic will lube better than a thinner mineral? no?.
also i was wondering if all other things being equal,would a full sythetic give less oil pressure(because its slipprier and slips by oil pump gears?)than a mineral oil?tia


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You can run the heavier oil if you want. It will flow better that conventional oil. But I would try 10w30. I don't know how low your pressure goes, but something like 13# is minimum. Also try running a lower degree thermostat.

When I first got my Scrambler, it ran hot. The oil pressure went down to 0 at idle. I rodded the radiator, changed the thermostat and change the oil to Mobil 1. No trouble ever since. I've got 200k miles on this engine.

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