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What vechiles came with the NV4500?

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Does anyone know which vechiles I could try to locate in the boneyard that would have this trans? Also if I did find it what would be invloved in mateing it to a dana 300 and then to a ford 302 V8 motor in a 84 CJ7. Just curious. Thanks

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Dodge and GM fullsize trucks come with this trans since the early 90s. Check Advance Adapters for adapters required. Their manual/booklets are excellent references. Hope this helps, good luck.

CJ-8 is right Dodge and GM since 92. I believe that you need to look for 3/4 or 1 ton, as far as I know 1/2 tons didn't use the 4500.

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If you have trouble finding an NV4500 at a junkyard for a reasonable price, 4WD Hardware sells them complete with the adapter for
$2,000. That may sound steep, but add up what the junkyard tranny, the adapters, and new bearings/ synchros will cost and go from there.

Gary has a good point. While these trannies are bulletproof in small Jeeps this isnt the case when they are in the bigger trucks. The truck owners often abused these trannies and a lot of the junkyard units are in bad need of a rebuild. Rebuilding one will cost a fortune.

Find one with low mileage!

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3/4 & bigger is correct. For instance, my '96 Dodge Ram 1/2 ton came with a NV3500 tranny. Five speed manual, just one size down from NV4500.


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