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I installed a 302 (5.0) ford in my '78 cj5 - replaced 258 six cylinder


The ford bellhousing bolted right up to the T150/Dana 20. No adapter needed. Pretty much everything else came off of '79 F150. I have since switched
transmission to a T176/Dana 300 combination. Direct bolt in. No problem.
The problem with the Ford being rear sump hasn't been a problem
since Ford's '79 Mustang.
I used a stock Mustang oil pan and engine mounts (IN JUNK YARDS EVERYWHERE!!).
Built my own frame mounts to accept the engine mounts and even used the
stock Jeep clutch mechanism (with slight modifications).

Sorry I can't help with the Wrangler, just trying to%
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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