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the T18a in a 80-83 ( i think) Jeep J20 3/4 ton truck has a NP208 on it, which means a dana 300 will bolt to it, the only bad thing is that the tranny is pretty rare, and the t18a-New Process transfercase adapter is pretty long, not to mention the Full Size jeep input shaft on a T18 is about 15 inches long.. ( the input shaft is overcomeable) i beleive all of the advance adapters for t18 to NP or dana 300 is pretty long too...

the Ford Np435 probably can have a factory Dana 300 or New Process adapter, but its really long, and teh NP435 has a problem coming out of 1st gear sometimes..

your gonna spend some bucks here either way...

1977 CJ5 looking for a Hard top near NW Arkansas!
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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