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What to use to clean top of pistons

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I just got my re-built head back and need to clean the top of the block and the top of the pistons before the install. The pistons have some carbon on them and I was wondering what you guys recommend to clean them with? I also have a little coolant inside the lifter area from when I pulled the head, I have cleaned most of this out, but I am wondering if the rest will burn off or do I need to really get in there and get it all out to avoid hurting anything. Any other advise on getting the top of the block nice and clean would be appreciated. Thanks
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I have use carb cleaner and a toothbrush to clean pistons tops off in the past, works great. Be sure to use a shop vac to suck all the loose debris out when you're done. Use a blow dryer or something to get ALL the water out of the valley where the lifters go. If you think water got into the oil, run it for a few minutes when you get it back together and change it and the filter! water kills

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Diesel fuel is the best for that. Just do it in a well ventilated area..

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