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What to do w/free Geo Tracker

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Got a free running Geo Tracker from a co-worker who rolled it a year ago and it was just released from impound. It will cost me $50. to get it towed home its a early 90's
not sure of the year its still in the impound yard until the 5th cops are short handed with the holidays.

Anyway the truck hasn't been started for 14 months and it was rolled and has pretty much been leveled as the targo and the windshield are crushed (was a convertible) front right fender is toast as well as the hood. Around 85,000 miles on the odometer. Damn windshield frame is part of the entire body side panel not worth the parts as there are alot of Trackers around cheap.

Thought about scraping her for the motor and ecm. Unsure if I could ever pull off the motor swap not a real wrench guy but thought it was too good to waste. ARe there any parts from this beast I might want to hang onto?

Any suggestions on what to do withit? Not sure if there is much of a market for Tracker parts I am a Samurai guy myself.


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I'd get the seat's out of it as well (if there any good). Trac/Kick seat's are really comfortable in a Samurai. If nothing else, you could cut all the bad off and build you a rock/tube buggy out of what's left of it.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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