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i want to buy a quad and can't decide on a particular model. i have it narrowed down to 250r, lt500r, lt250r, or banshee. i will be riding in the desert and eventually in the dunes. i only have about 3,000 to spend. any comments would be helpful.

if anyone would like to trade a 1972 Ford Ranchero and a 1985 YZ250 for one of the above mentioned quads please reply.


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I would suggest a 250, either the honda or Suzuki. The Hondas are less likely to come across and are gonna be more spendy. Many people believe it to be the ultimate quad,I differ. I think zuki had it right, they used round tube frame instead of a square frame and they had a Exhaust Power Port. So as u can see where I stand, I have no probs with Hondas, just a lil tired of all the talk. So good luck on your purchase and keep it real.


Happy Trails to all


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Well, I personally would either go with the lt500 or the banshee...they are by far the 2 best machines in the list you gave...
First thing you need to ask yourself is what type of riding...beacause these machines are built for different things...
I personally own a 94 banshee which i picked up for 2400.00...this machine was ported and polished and all the fun stuff and I love it. I was set on the banshee because we have had them before...
Yamaha and Suzuki are the best quads out there and I would not waste my time with a Honda, but that is my personal view. If you can find an lt500 for 3000.00 go for it...they seem hard to find, although banshees are too. Just need to do searches for them and find the best deal....

Good luck



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Hey there is a 1999 yamaha banshee for sale asking $3,800.00 on
and another one says it a sand dune quad built out the as for $5000.00
go check it out guys

go to the serch window and type in ATV and just scroll the pages

99 cross country banshee
99 dodge quad cab 4x4
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